The Fundamentals of Qur'an Recitation

The Fundamentals of Qur’an Recitation is a 3 year program designed to prepare students to receive ‘ijaazah in Hafs Reading of the Qur’an. The ‘ijaazah will certify the student’s proficiency in tajwid, as well as their qualification to teach others the science of Qur’an recitation anywhere in the world.


Year 1- Qur'an Reading and Rules of Tajwid

(Juz' 'Amma)

Students will begin with learning the history and basic rulings regarding the science of tajwid, the proper points of articulation of the Arabic letters (makhaarijul huroof), and the various rules of Hafs Reading. By the end of the program year, students will be able to read Juz’ ‘Amma (30) with fluency and understand/identify the various rules of tajwid within a given verse.


Year 2 - Qur’an Reading and Rules


Students will read the Qur’an from Surat ul-Faatihah (1) unto Surat un-Nas (114) over the span of the entire program year. Emphasis will be placed on the proper application and knowledge of the rules of  tajwid page by page from start to finish.


Year 3 - ‘Ijaazah Reading

Students will read the entire Qur’an with a teacher to receive ‘ijaazah. He or she will be assessed on having adequate knowledge of all matters covered throughout the course of the program. 

Program Structure:

Classes are conducted Saturdays and Sundays, 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. EST

Program Cost:

$99.99 per Month*

Payments are made via Paypal or Stripe

 Scholarships Available


*Paypal/Stripe fees not included


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